Welcome To Studio Grill.

Home of the most popular breakfast restaurant in Downtown Kalamazoo.

Come and experience for yourself our one of a kind family cooking inspired menu. We serve breakfast and lunch in a casual and relaxed dining room. Along with great service, you’ll find that we have a unique way of cooking things. We are a vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant.

Studio Grill #1 Burger


With our large servings, and low prices, studio grill is perfect for your anytime meal. Come on in and try out our breakfast for yourself. A favorite is the classic studio omelet.

Studio Grill Omelet


Studio grill is home to the #1 burger in Southwest Michigan. We are known for stuffing our burgers with things like cheese and jalapenos. Stop by and pick up one of our famous burgers today to see our unique style for yourself.

Studio Grill Burger